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posted by Kevin Jubbal, M.D.

It’s been three weeks since we launched Memm, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned. First, thank you to the users who have provided invaluable insight and feedback about our study tool. These are the upcoming features that will be coming to Memm later this year.

1 | Search Functionality

Currently, you are able to quickly search for a broad topic area in study sheets. However, we’re taking our search functionality to the next level, allowing you to search for discrete, specific terms. Soon, you’ll be able to find a particular concept and pull up the entire review sheet seamlessly.

2 | Single-Topic Studying

While spaced repetition naturally brings the more difficult cards to the forefront, we’re adding the ability to study single, discrete topics separately for those who desire this functionality. This is designed for users who wish to target a more narrow topic as their test date approaches, or alternatively users who desire further customization in their study schedules (such as following a pre-made or test prep company’s schedule).

3 | Different Settings for Review Intervals

Memm currently uses a single default configuration of spaced repetition review intervals, which was designed based on research with early users to optimize rapid memory consolidation. For those who prefer to see their cards more frequently, we’ll be adding a setting to toggle shorter review intervals. This means that, in general, you’ll see your cards again sooner.

4 | Extensions

We understand that test dates can change, and you may find yourself in a situation wanting to extend your original Memm subscription. For those instances, we’re adding extension plans to keep your progress and access to Memm. You’ll have 48 hours after your subscription expires to decide whether you want to extend your plan.

We’re committed to building the strongest memorization tool for the MCAT, and we’re always open to feedback from our valued users. If there’s any features that you’d like to see incorporated into Memm, please send us a message

Last edited on: August 21, 2020


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