When Memm & Med School Insiders Join Forces

posted by Kevin Jubbal, M.D.

It’s now been 4 months since we first launched Memm, and we’ve been hard at work improving the product – fixing bugs, refining our content, improving images, and adding new features. To everyone that submits feedback, we thank you, as providing value to our users is what guides our product development direction.

As we’ve written about previously, we’ve improved the search functionality, added single-topic studying, review interval adjustment, and the ability to purchase subscription extensions. Since then, we’ve also made two major changes.

1 | Referral Program

We’ve added a new referral program that allows you to earn free subscription extensions for both you and the person you’re referring! Under your account settings, you can find your custom referral link and referral code.

Your Memm referral page will have a custom referral link and code linked to your account

Share either your link or your personal referral code (to be used as a discount code during checkout) with your friend. They’ll receive 20% off their Memm subscription plus 1 week free extension. You’ll receive an extension to your subscription as well. The more people you refer, the more bonus weeks you earn. One referral will earn you one bonus week. Three referrals will earn you two bonus weeks, 6 referrals will earn you 3 bonus weeks, etc. as in the image below.

Referral bonus table

2 | Med School Insiders MCAT Course Integration

We’ve teamed up with Med School Insiders, the leading medical school admissions consulting and tutoring company, and creator of the wildly successful YouTube channel, and are offering the science sections of the Med School Insiders MCAT Course for free to all Memm subscribers. This serves as an additional resource on Sheets and Cards whereby you can find further details on a given topic.

Additional resources now features a link to the Med School Insiders MCAT Course

Clicking the Med School Insiders link will automatically open up the corresponding section in the MCAT Course.

Sample from the Med School Insiders MCAT Course science sections

To link your course, visit the Med School Insiders MCAT Course integration page and follow the instructions there. You’ll be asked to create a free account with Med School Insiders and link your two accounts.

Note that this is free access to the science sections of the MCAT Course, which complements the content in your Memm subscription. To get full access to the rest of the Med School Insiders MCAT Course, including instructional videos, CARS content, practice questions, and additional materials, you’ll need to purchase the full course on the Med School Insiders website.

As always, we’re committed to building the best memorization tool for the MCAT, and we always value feedback from our users. If there’s any features that you’d like to see incorporated into Memm, please send us a message.

Last edited on: December 07, 2020

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