How do Memm users score on the MCAT?

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How do actual students score on the MCAT after using Memm? 

We implemented a post-test survey over a year ago to help answer this all-important question. In that time, we have collected hundreds of responses from students who have taken the MCAT after using Memm. 

Our big takeaway: Memm works. Students report substantial score increases with Memm, with an average score increase of 11.6 points and an average final score of 513.3, which would place in the 90th percentile of MCAT test takers historically.

Within the Memm team, we were extremely excited to see these results and use them to continue improving Memm. Before this survey analysis, we were cautiously optimistic about the impact of Memm, having heard some incredible stories of MCAT success. However, these results exceeded our expectations and served as data-driven evidence that Memm is meeting our #1 goal — making a positive difference for students taking the MCAT. 


Our aim was to collect key insights about how students scored on the MCAT after using Memm, while still respecting the time of busy students. This survey is designed to take approximately 2-3 minutes to complete.

The usual caveats regarding survey based results do apply. The most rigorous way to study the impact of Memm would be to conduct a randomized control trial. However, this is not practical or feasible to conduct on premedical students. Our survey-based approach is a compromise. Although there is likely impact of response bias in these results, the strong effect size and the consistency of the results across a large sample size are strong positive predictors. Additionally, the score improvement of retakers gives us high confidence in a positive directional effect for Memm, as their previous score serves as a natural control arm.

Detailed findings

In addition to scores, our survey provided several valuable insights. Those who used Memm made it a core part of their study regimen. 82% of students used Memm 5-7 days a week, regularly keeping up with their reviews and relying on Memm for their content review.

Regarding their final MCAT score, students reported an average final score of 513.3. Based on historic AAMC percentile rankings, this would represent approximately the 90th percentile of students. Prior to using Memm, students reported an average score of 501.7, approximately the 50th percentile of students. 

How did retakers in particular do? Normally, retakers struggle to increase their score. According to AAMC, across all students, median score gain for retakers is only 2 to 3 points.  We saw a much stronger score increase in our survey results, with an average score increase of 9.8 points among retakers.

Subjectively, Memm users have an overwhelmingly positive impression and would recommend Memm to their friends. When asked to rate from 1 to 5 “how strongly would you recommend Memm to other test takers?” the average response was a 4.7 out of 5.  


For over a year, we’ve been collecting responses from students who took the MCAT after using Memm. Students report an average score increase of 11.6 with using Memm, jumping from an average starting point of 501.7 to a final score of 513.3, around the 90th percentile historically. Additionally, students are very likely to recommend Memm to others.  Although response bias in surveys is unavoidable, the results demonstrated robust consistency over time and retakers reported strong score increases. 

These results inspire our whole team at Memm to work even harder to improve Memm and deliver you the very best MCAT product! 

If you’re a premedical student looking to maximize your MCAT score, check out Memm today and get started with a 7-day free trial. 

Last edited on: May 27, 2022

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