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MCAT Studying Made Better
Memm helps you master MCAT content like never before. Evidence-based learning tactics, built by two 99.9th percentile scoring physicians, in one easy-to-use tool.
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Scientifically Proven

Memm builds upon evidence-based study strategies, integrated into a seamless single experience.
Spaced Repetition
Taking advantage of the spacing effect to most rapidly accelerate memorization.
Strategic ordering of content improves comprehension and consolidation.
Active Recall
The most efficient learning method by exploiting the testing effect to your advantage.
Desirable Difficulties
The optimal challenge level accelerates learning. Not too difficult, and not too easy.

Perfect for all students, no matter your starting point

Memm is the best way to study for the MCAT, and it adjusts based on your needs.
No more pain trying to figure out Anki
We make it easy to harness the power of spaced repetition
Supercharge your memorization capacity
Keep forgetting that amino acid? Not any more with our multifaceted memorization tool.
No more wondering what’s low- or high-yield
Comprehensive coverage, high yield information. No fluff, all the essentials.
Integration of content review and flashcards
No surprise flashcards from topics you haven’t reviewed yet. It just works.
No more low quality flashcards
Professionally curated cards of the highest quality adhering to flashcard best principles.
More learning, less worrying
Automatically adapting daily schedule. If you fall behind, we’ve got your back.

How Memm works

How Memm works

1. Generate Schedule

Every top scorer needs a plan.

Customized personal schedules, perfect for your needs. Have complete control, day by day.

How Memm works

2. Comprehend

Faciliate comprehension with mental organizational scaffolding.

Sheets organize MCAT content.

  • Comprehensive, only including what you need to know, and eliminating fluff.
  • Interactive with toggleable key facts, facilitating active recall
  • Integrated with your other content review resources such as Khan Academy, Kaplan, TPR, and more
How Memm works

3. Memorize

Accelerate memorization with rapid long term memory consolidation.

Cards make the information stick.

  • The highest quality cards - hand crafted by 99.9th percentile scorers
  • Spaced repetition algorithm automatically adjusts your review schedule
  • Comprehensive, not only in content, but also including images, mnemonics, and more
  • Enhanced comprehension with related sheet facts side-by-side
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