Memm Pricing Changes

posted by Richard Li, M.D.

Effective immediately, we are decreasing the prices for all new Memm subscriptions and extensions by up to 20%. The up-to-date prices can be found in the pricing section of our home page. Additionally, for those that purchased a subscription or extension in the past week without using a discount code, we will honor the difference in price.

We want to be fully transparent and explain our thought process behind the price changes. Pricing any new product is a challenge, and we had selected the original pricing with 20% discounts for promotions in mind. However, as Memm continues to grow, we have found that more and more students are discovering Memm through word-of-mouth or friends rather than through a promotion, and therefore subscribing without the use of a referral code.

We want to make sure that Memm is priced fairly and accessibly for everyone. We are therefore shifting to a lower base price for Memm, with also lower price reductions and discount rates from promotions and referral codes in the future. Our aim with this model is to improve the equity of pricing across all Memm users.

In terms of currently active promotions: being referred by a current or former subscriber of Memm will now offer a 10% discount. Additionally, the referrer will get an extension on their current subscription. Please keep an eye out for other future promotions that will take place through our newsletter and through partnerships with content creators.

Finally, we wanted to say thank you all so much for supporting Memm. The growth of Memm and the individual stories we hear from you guys are truly inspiring and motivate us to continue working hard on improving Memm!

Last edited on: December 24, 2020


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