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Supercharge your MCAT Studying

Proven strategies, massive MCAT score improvements, and thousands of happy customers
The way they did the spaced repetition and content quality set Memm apart from e.g. a set of Anki flashcards. Memm is what you get when you do flashcards perfectly.
— J.B.
Amazing MCAT prep! The way they did the spaced repetition and content quality set Memm apart from e.g. a set of Anki flash cards. Memm is what you get when you do flash cards perfectly.
— T.H.

Why Memm is exploding in popularity

Memm simplifies your MCAT studying while accelerating score improvements

No more resource overload

Hone in on what's necessary, meaning no extraneous fluff

The best MCAT flashcards

Flashcards that actually click and stick, rather than a jumbled mess of isolated facts

Comprehensive integrated review sheets

Memory network effects to facilitate comprehension and network effects - never confuse concepts again

How it works

Memm streamlines your MCAT studying, so you can focus on learning
How Memm works

1. Comprehensive, not overwhelming

Only what you need to know, and nothing extraneous.

No more worrying about what is high or low yield. Memm has focused on exactly what you need to know for the MCAT, and discarded anything superfluous.

How Memm works

2. Interactive review sheets

Comprehension prior to memorization.

Review sheets are comprehensive and teach you everything about a given topic. No more memorizing facts without first understanding the content.

How Memm works

3. Flashcards unlike any other

You'll be amazed how quickly it sticks.

Expertly curated flashcards prioritize content memorization over content recognition. With review sheet integration, you'll never lose context and find yourself memorizing facts in isolation.

How we've propelled students to top scores

Mistakes to avoid, key strategies of success, and how to best approach the MCAT
March 18, 2021514 Using Only Memm & AAMC Materials

Learn how this MCAT test taker improved his score 7 points with self-studying while working a full-time job.

December 17, 2020MCAT 20-Point Improvement as a Non-Traditional Retaker

Learn how this non-traditional student retook the MCAT and improved his score by 20 points while working a full time job.

Memm Testimonials

What MCAT examinees are saying about Memm
I took my 501 AAMC FL 1 score hard. Almost gave up on studying and became super deflated. That’s when I got an email about Memm. It had just released and I decided to try it out for the few months I had left before the exam. I’m super happy to say Memm helped me raise my score to a 510 on exam day. The hard to memorize pathways and physics formulas were firmly in my head thanks to this awesome software.
— A.S.
I've been using Memm since its launch in August 2020. I think one of the most intimidating aspects of the MCAT is the challenge in knowing how to start and how to approach studying. Memm makes life a lot easier by putting all the study tools you need in one place for content review. Coupled with practice problems on the side, I think Memm with its additional resources covers everything you need.
— I.K.
Memm has been a great resource to help guide my focus on the higher yield MCAT topics. The combination of being able to hide terms on the review sheets and the repetition of the flash cards makes for a great memorization tool. I highly recommend for any pre meds looking to hone in on the important topics the AAMC expects you to master for the MCAT.
— N.
Memm has been a great supplement to my MCAT studying. The spaced repetition along with the clean and organized UI makes using it a pleasure and easy to absorb a lot of information. With over 2000 well constructed cards and sufficiently detailed review sheets, what I got out of my subscription was very well worth it!
— V.
I found Memm to be very helpful in studying for my MCAT. It provides all the necessary information without the necessary fluff you’d find with other test prep material. Its spacing software ensures that you’ll remember everything you need to know on test day. It also links to other helpful videos if you need the extra context to learn the information. Without Memm I wouldn’t have been able to score what I did – 517. I would recommend this subscription to anyone that is serious about doing well on this exam.
— A.S.
In studying for the MCAT I found my biggest struggle was finding a resource that was actually comprehensive. A bulk of my content review was from multiple sources and I felt I was hitting a wall on my practice scores. When I would go to review, I often felt more confused and bogged down with unnecessary information. Memm has been a lifesaver for me as it has streamlined my content review and has given me a substantial boost in my practice scores. Memm is easy to use and does a wonderful job at making concepts stick. I would highly recommend Memm to anyone studying for their MCAT exam.
— N.S.
These flash cards are a life saver! They really help you understand the material and the interface is so well designed for learning. When you get something wrong, you can easily scroll below and see the entirety of that topic, not just the single fact you missed. Additionally, the depth of the flashcards is great for those looking to score high on the MCAT.
— Q.E.
Memm is an excellent study tool for memorization and understanding, especially coupled with the MCAT Science course on Medschool insiders, which a Memm subscription comes with. The modules in the course correspond with the Memm summary sheets and cards (with quick access hyperlinks present), and crystallize high yield MCAT content in a succinct and easy way to understand. The language used is much easier to follow than other prep books, and the "study" and "life" tips throughout the modules really made it feel like I was being personally guided through the content modules of the course. The Memm team provided superb customer service whenever I had a question regarding content (on the modules) or subscription services. The spaced repetition algorithms are very helpful and effective. My experience with Memm was much beyond what I expected, and I would highly recommend this study tool to all MCAT preppers.
— J.H.
Overall, I had a very positive experience with Memm! I appreciated being able to craft my own schedule and prioritize the subjects that I felt least comfortable with. I thought the flashcards were very comprehensive, and I was still able to add information if I felt the need. I thought the 'streak' function was really effective in keeping me accountable for reviewing at least a bit every day; by the week leading up to the test, I had reviewed nearly all the material I was hoping to cover. Also, I found the ability to label cards with varying levels of difficulty a huge help. I think the staggered repetition greatly facilitated my recall of information, and it ensured that I was maintaining knowledge of past material while I learned new terms. Memm was a great supplement to my other study materials, and I'm very glad I decided to use it!
— J.
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