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Frequently Asked Questions
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers


Who is Memm designed for?
How does Memm work?
What makes Memm different from other learning tools and resources for the MCAT?
When should I begin using Memm?
Where can I find reviews of Memm?
Do you guarantee a high score or major improvement after using Memm?
Why should I trust Memm or the Memm team? What are your credentials?
Is Memm still useful if I have already started studying for the MCAT?


Is Memm all I need for MCAT content review?
How does Memm compare to Anki?
Which MCAT sections are included?
How does this work with my other resources?
What about Khan Academy notes for Psych/Soc?
How comprehensive is the content of Memm?


What is the price for Memm?
Do you offer any discounts?


Can I customize, edit, or create my own Memm Review Sheets or Cards?
I'm a parent and want my son/daughter to succeed on the MCAT. Will Memm be a good fit for them?
Is there a Memm app I can use on my phone or tablet?
I have many other commitments and won't be able to dedicate my time fully to studying for the MCAT. Will Memm work for me?


Can I speak with Dr. Jubbal or Dr. Li before signing up?
I have additional questions. How can I get in contact with the Memm team?
I have a suggestion, feedback, or error to report. How can I report this?
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